CV and Credits

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Do you do weddings?

Nope, sorry.  I get asked all the time but I really like shooting my commercial/fine art work so I have to draw the line somewhere. I just don't care for all the nicey, nicey, cutesy photos involved in that genre.  I think I will gag if I see one more "heart" made from the hands of a beloved couple.  Just not my thing.  All work and no play makes me grumpy, even when I love my work.

You don't even shoot portraits anymore?

Nope again.  Got a little burned out by all the work with that.  It was a fun 5 years having the studio but it was a lot of hours that I got tied down to having to go into the studio, and not  having the flexibility to shoot all the fun stuff that I liked to shoot was a bummer.    Keeping the building up was hard for the landlord and with the roof leaking all the time (as 120 year old buildings are want to do) and other structural issues that were obviously coming up I decided enough was enough.  Working in a small town was interesting for a little while but, ultimately, the desire to experience and do much more got the best of me.  Like I told the high school seniors in photo sessions, don't get trapped in one spot but go out and experience life, and then down the road, if you want to go back to where you grew up then do it.

What's  your favorite camera?

My iPhone 6s because that is always with me no matter what. And it has a BIG screen. It does some cool stuff and there's all kinds of apps for just the camera part of the phone.  But for commercial shoots it would be my Nikon D3s. I had a 36.3 megapixel Nikon D800 but didn't really care for the "look" of the images so I went back to the D3s.   The D3s may have cost $5200 but it's totally awesome in low light with very little 

noise up to 12k ISO and shoots 11 frames/sec for sports.  Plus the processor (the most important part of a good camera) is unparalleled for image quality, color and trueness. It's been dropped, stormed on, snowed on, below sea level to 14,000 feet and all around the country without ever missing a shot.  I am experimenting with a Fujifilm X-T1 and X-T2 mirrorless and have been very impressed.  I love the Sony RX-100 series for a pocket camera with 24 MP resolution also. Small and convenient for when hauling around a DSLR is just too much.  I use Nikon lenses from 14mm f2.8 to a 300 f2.8 which are widely regarded as the sharpest glass available to pros.